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Part 1 of 4: We want to better serve you and your neighborhood with local news & nearby happenings. Thats why we're surveying our followers. It'll only take 5 minutes at top.

Do you follow the Hazleton Headlines on Facebook? *

When did you begin to follow the Hazleton Headlines? *

How do you keep yourself informed with local news? (Check all that apply. *

How often do you randomly visit *

How often do you randomly visit the Hazleton Headlines on Facebook? *

Part 2: You're almost done, just a few more questions!

The Hazleton Headline has been working on creating a better website experience for those who rely on our news via their mobile device. But tell us about your experience right now when you visit us on your mobile device. *
Strongly agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strong disagree
The text is too small on my mobile device. I could barely see it!
I don't like how I have to zoom in to see what I'm reading.
Everything is too clustery! I can't stand it!
My fingers always tap on the wrong links.

The following set of questions is based on your satisfaction with our journalism. *
Nope Somewhat Yup
Do we cover the kind of news you care to know?
Do you agree that the Hazleton Headlines is very active with covering breaking news?
Would you say our journalistic writing is understandable?
Would you be open to seeing other journalists join
Has the Hazleton Headlines been successful in graining your trust?

Part 3: One more part to go after this one!

How often do you hear people chatting about the Hazleton Headlines? *

If we had a mobile app, would you download it? *

If we had a newsletter, would you subscribe to it? *

If we had a daily newscast on, would you watch it? *

Part 4: You've made it! This the last set of questions!

Who are you?

You don't have to tell us who you are if you'd prefer not too. :)

Gentleman or lady?

How old are you? (If you're a woman, we'd understand if you were leave this question blank.)

In which city or town do you reside in? *

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